Strategic Plan

Celebrating over 37 years of commitment to provide quality, affordable, and inclusive housing to families across Central Florida.

Our Plan

Fueled by our mission, ONIC affirms that affordable housing communities need more than ‘roofs and walls’ to truly thrive. Often trapped in a paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, many families lack tools and resources to achieve stability.

“I am grateful because I have never lived in a community where the owner’s management cared as much and provides resources and fun engaging activities for the families.”

~ Allison Rose, Maitland Oaks Resident

Lack of Awareness and Barriers to Accessing Resources

ONIC addresses head-on the challenges that keep families from thriving: limited income, lack of awareness of resources, and barriers to accessing resources like unreliable transportation, expensive childcare, conflicting work schedules, challenges with technology, and literacy and language barriers.