ONIC Youth Ambassador, Naidelyn Neri, Community Leader

by | Dec 14, 2023 | Announcements, Awards, Uncategorized

On Wednesday, November 29, 2023, ONIC’s Youth Ambassador and Hollowbrook community resident leader Naidelyn Neri spoke before the Florida Legislative Delegation Meeting at the Orange County Administration Center Commission Chambers.  As a high school senior and long-time participant of the ONIC Prodigy Cultural Arts Program, Ms. Neri provided her testimonial for how the program has helped to build her confidence, develop as a leader, as a youth ambassador, peer health educator, and helped her to bridge a sense of connection and belonging in her community.  Standing in support, Prodigy representative Ron Bradford and ONIC staff member Serena Jones shared how this program has used arts as the vehicle for helping youth to succeed, acquire coping skills, and develop as leaders in their respective communities.  Representative Lavon Bracy Davis acknowledged the success of the program and inquired regarding the date and location for ONIC’s Annual Youth Showcase. Ms. Jones stated that the 2024 Annual ONIC Prodigy Youth Cultural Arts Showcase is scheduled to occur in March 2024 at the Dr. Phillips Performance Center for the Arts.