About ONIC

Since 1985, ONIC has established itself as a renowned not-for-profit organization whose development projects have revitalized and transformed the landscape of housing in Central Florida.







Orlando Neighborhood Improvement Corporation

ONIC has collaborated with funding agencies, partners, staff, and residents to create thriving communities whose sustainability is a testament to ONIC’s ability to develop quality, affordable, and inclusive housing.

“Nothing is more gratifying than seeing a family housed in a high-quality, safe home—a stable platform from which to build a better life.”

~ Robert E. Ansley, Jr.,
Founder & President Emeritus

Our outstanding team has great relationships with local, state, and federal funding agencies. ONIC’s partners—including property management, service provides, development and financial agencies—enable us to expand the scope and impact of our communities.

Our Story

Orlando Neighborhood Improvement Corporation (ONIC) is a nationally recognized not-for-profit housing development organization that has been developing affordable housing in Central Florida since 1985. For more than 37 years, ONIC’s provision of quality and affordable housing has transformed the lives of many families hoping to improve the quality of their life and achieve stability.

ONIC’s mission statement:

To create thriving, sustainable, inclusive, and affordable communities in Central Florida.

ONIC is directed by a board that represents the full range of skills present in housing development as well as broad community support. The staff of ONIC is highly skilled with experience in all phases of housing development and neighborhood revitalization.


ONIC has built an award-winning track record of creating well-designed, high-quality housing and living environments. Its communities include those where the units are all priced at affordable levels, as well as mixed-income developments in which affordable units are mixed in with market-rate units. Unique to its portfolio, ONIC provides residents with access to a comprehensive Resident Services Program (RSP) that aims to address a family’s housing stability through programming and activities that spans the spectrum of housing stability, asset building, community building and engagement,and youth enrichment programming.

ONIC has IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization status, and is a chartered member of the NeighborWorks® America national network of nonprofit housing groups. The national NeighborWorks® network is an affiliation of more than 240 nonprofit organizations increasing homeownership, preserving affordable housing and revitalizing neighborhoods in more than 4,414 communities across the nation. ONIC carries NeighborWorks’ highest organizational rating of “Exemplary.”

ONIC is also a member of the Enterprise Foundation network of nonprofit housing organizations and is a certified Community Housing Development Organization under the federal HUD HOME Investment Partnership program.