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ONIC markets it communities as more than “roofs and walls,” hence the establishment of a Resident Services Program (RSP) to coordinate enhanced and asset building services designed to increase our residents’ quality of life. RSP supports its residents through the implementation and coordination of activities, services, and programs determined by resident input, interest, and need. Expected outcomes include satisfied, involved, self-sufficient, residents and healthy, sustainable, communities

The RSP delivers a planned range of activities and services implemented through partnerships and collaborative efforts of existing community resources and organizations


The goals of the RSP are:

  To provide residents the opportunity and information to access needed programs and services which promote workforce enhancements, increase independent living, and be empowered and supported in positive life choices;

To effectively maintain the fiscal, social, and physical viability of the community by incorporating into the ongoing management, a program to coordinate appropriate services that address resident issues as they may arise.


Resident Services programs, activities, events, are delivered in three categories:


For residents at ONIC’s communities and immediate neighborhood:

•  the creation of open forums and a process for communication, feedback, community engagement and building
•  a broad range of activities to encourage good neighboring, and impact quality of life.

For residents at ONIC’s communities (limited number, first- come, first-served):

•  specialized/enhanced asset building activities and programs generated/programmed by community feedback to promote leadership development, skill building, personal development, independence and self-sufficiency.

The Resident Services Program offers an array of specialized asset building opportunities in the following areas, implemented in conjunction with our partners and collaborators.:

•  Housing Success & Family Resources (education & coordination of housing readiness workshops, home management information, and exposure on how to access and navigate needed resources
•  Financial & Wealth Building & Self-Sufficiency (financial literacy, homebuyers education & referrals, income tax filing w/ EITC, banking, hoe to access to savings/asset building
•  Workforce enhancements coordination (On the job training opportunities, job/skills training, job placement, job fair, skills training referrals)
•  Health (self-esteem building activities, screenings, exercise programs, teen education, referrals and coordination for accessing resources)
•  Safety (neighborhood/crime watch, education & awareness development)
•  Learning Center: (Educational activities, literacy classes, homework help, tutoring, & computer labs)
•  Cultural Arts: (Orlando Prodigy; structured after-school activities that teach life/coping skills)
•  Civic (leadership development and volunteerism, neighborhood association development)
•  Social Activities (resident appreciation activities, day trips & multicultural events, etc.)

All activities, events and services are coordinated by the RSP, structured with the following objectives:

•  To increase resident retention and promote a stable community
•  To encourage positive and effective ways for residents to share and increase the sense of pride and community .

To promote harmony with all cultures and to encourage a safe environment for all residents

•  To promote activities that increase communication and understanding among residents
•  To increase residents’ knowledge/access of resources, options and accessibility to resources

To address issues and provide opportunities to decrease the practice of risky behavior

•  To increase knowledge, skills and wealth building of community residents while encouraging care of property


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