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Our Mission:

To be a leader in Central Florida in providing stable, thriving communities of opportunity through quality, affordable housing, with engaged residents in a service enriched environment.

Our focus is on providing rental housing and enabling citizens to become homeowners, giving priority to distressed neighborhoods. We work independently and in partnership with others.

We believe that:

  • homeownership is most desirable, but also that rental housing is the only option for many in the community;
  • housing development must be accompanied by appropriate support services to create a complete community;
  • housing must be developed and maintained for the long-term through permanence of building materials, responsible and effective management, diversity of incomes, and sound fiscal arrangements;
  • development must be consistent with public policy priorities;
  • excellence in physical design is important to residents of a community and to their neighbors; and
  • our knowledge, experience, and skills in housing and community development offer a unique resource to other organizations involved in urban policy debates, community development planning and housing program design and implementation.

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